FS-Taylor Williams-State Management

Journal #11

My numbers from yesterday's special training-

Wall Balls: 10/20/20, Burpees: 20/20/20, Lawn-mowers: 40/40/40, Pushups: 20/10/20, Sprints: 14/16/19, Box Jumps: 40/30/40, Situps: 40/30/50

Special Training yesterday morning was extra special for me because I participated with a cold. This relates to how I used state management during our workout, I tried my best to keep going and to think positively which definitely helped my performance. Surprisingly, working out yesterday actually helped me get over my cold and it was an awesome workout. Everyone had the responsibility to record their numbers and to do their personal best. We also had great energy as a team, cheering each other on and being supportive of one another. The sprinting was most certainly the most difficult for me, I love to sprint and I can run the short distance at a fast pace- jut not consistently. On the first round of sprints, started off running as hard and fast as I could and I burned myself out so that by halfway through I was much slower and I had to stop and breathe after every rep. For the next two rounds, Zoe, Jae Jae and I ran as a time at a quick pace and counted to three seconds at the end of every rep to breathe. This strategy helped us run faster the entire time and we ended up getting many more reps in.

Along with attitude and perseverance, I think that the values of state management form the basis of the black belt mentality. I have been implementing state management in my test much more this time than on my other two. It mainly relates to my numbers, which are not yet where I want them to be. I started off consistently improving how many pushups and situps I did each week, and then life got in the way and I struggled to keep up. Now I am working on developing a routine to practice getting a certain amount of reps in a couple of times every day.

In daily activities, state management for me, relates most effectively to my homework. This year I have a rather rigorous course load which has gotten the better of me a few times. I managed to remain sane and effective by changing the way I looked at the situation and acting accordingly, which has paid off more than ten times over. This is just another one of the many examples that proves being a black belt isn't just a hobby, job or uniform. It's a lifestyle, and black belt testing has taught me many values and traits that have helped me achieve success in other aspects of my life as well.

Overall, it was a great special training and I am looking forward to the next one. Great job Team!!

-BSBN Taylor

Posted on April 20, 2014 .