FS-Kaelan Reagan BLog #9- State management

Hello, Team!

Wow! Yesterday was a tough workout.  I think it was even tougher than the last workout. I was definitely having some trouble yesterday during the second and third rounds. I felt like I hit the wall. I felt like I wanted to stop and cry. I even told my Mom that I wanted to stop. I was exhausted.  My mom responded by cheering me on and encouraging me. She reminded me  things. 1. That it was OK to cry if I  needed to. That it an intense workout and that none of my team would think less of me if I cried,but that I had to find it in myself to keep pushing ,even through tears.  2. That it was a workout that she knew she couldn't do,but that I WAS doing it,and doing it well. 3. That I need to believe in my affirmation- Nothing is impossible. To say it to myself as I ran. 4. That she believed in me. 5. To take off my sweatshirt to cool down!

 I knew that I was part of this team,and that I would not be the team member to stop. After my Mom got me pumped up again,I began to calm down enough to be able to repeat my affirmation to myself. I was able to keep my breathing a little more steady. I told myself I could do this and the workout got easier for me!

After I took my sweatshirt off,I felt cooler right away. I definitely felt more energy! I was able to complete more sprints on the last round than I was on the first and second.

 I know I struggled the most with the sprints (because my side hurt and I have to keep my breathing steady) and the wall balls.(because my arms were losing their power and flexibility.It took a lot of effort to bend my arms to push the ball up,then I had to have the strength to catch it)

State management  relates to my test because I have people who cheer me on and it helps me remind myself that I know I can do it. When I tell myself to believe in myself, the challenges seem to not be as difficult. When I'm in that good place myself,it's a lot easier for me to then  able to cheer on someone else who is having a hard time. Before the first phase test, I was both nervous and excited. After the phase test ,I was tired.I wanted to know how I dd right away.But, I was also proud of myself,because I thought I did well. After I got my scores back,I was happy overall,but also was determined to fix the little things that I need to fix before phase two. Even though I know I have details to fix,I am certain that I will end up achieving my goal- to have KJN Jeremy tie my black belt on for me. (He tied my white belt)

Finally, state management can be used in every day life. Whether it's to focus on time management and be able to get all that I need to do done,or to be able to have confidence in myself that I can do anything that I set my mind to doing.  I have a busy schedule Monday through Saturday. I know that I need to keep my head in the game and stay positive about everything I have to do. At times,it can be overwhelming. That's when I have to make sure I stay focused. I can't always have my Mom around to tell me what I need to do.I have to take personal responsibility for the things I need to do,knowing I have confidence in myself,a team at Aim High that believes in me, and a family that loves me.    Thanks you all for being a part of my team!           -Kaelan

Posted on April 20, 2014 .