FS-Darius Salagean-State Management

                This week my journal is going tobe about Saturday’s special training and state management. For my numbers I got:burpees 1 set, 1 set, and 1.1 sets, wall ball 1.6 sets, 2 sets, and 2 sets, lawnmowers 2 sets, 2 sets, and 2 sets, push-ups 1 set, 1.6 sets, and 2 sets,sprints 13 times, 14 time and 14 times, sit-ups 3 sets, 3 sets, and 4 sets, andfor jumps 3 sets, 3.1 sets, and 4 sets. The way state management helped me was becauseI controlled the way I preformed and was able to give myself that extra push todo better every round. State management is part of my black belt test because it’sabout controlling the way you feel, act, behave, and preform and in order to bea black belt you need to be able to not bring your negative attitude to others,you need to take responsibility for you actions and know when it is right toattack or to defend, you need to take any negative feelings and be able to notshow them in your actions, and you have to do your best to be your best. We can use state management in our everyday lives by using these skills outside thestudio and respecting other people as a leck belt, and not as a black belt.


Posted on April 20, 2014 .