FS- Zoe Ahrendt- State Management

Journal #15

            The workout of death definitely earned its name after the

first repetition of a certain set of exercises. Right after my dad picked me up and dropped me off at home I took a shower and passed out! Anyways here are my rep numbers...

                   Wall Ball & Burpies          Pushups & Pulling the

Elbow up Sprints Benches & Sit ups

Round 1 20, 20 (2 reps) 20, 20 (2 reps ) 13 reps 20, 20 (2 reps )

Round 2 20, 20 (2 reps) 20, 20 (2reps) 16 reps 20, 20 (2 reps)

Round 3 20, 20 (2 reps) 20, 20 (2 reps) 19 reps 40, 40 (4 reps)

            Girl Sam also gave our team the task of not only recording

our reps, but to also relate our workout to State Management. Actually if you look at my numbers under sprints, it rose a little after each round! Taylor, JJ and I started to regulate our speed and energy by (after completing one rep) counting to three seconds and then starting on the next rep. Overall we managed our breathing and by giving ourselves a few seconds in between we even increased our reps! Plus when we were given the opportunity to write our own numbers and keep track of them ourselves, it's a big responsibility. It would have been really easy for me to lie and give myself higher numbers and that's where state management comes in, although it would be easier to track higher numbers for myself, it will hurt me in the end. Besides, the worst person to lie to is yourself.

            Overall this morning's workout was amazing and I can't wait

for the next Saturday training! Woo!


April 19, 2014

Posted on April 19, 2014 .