FS - Ryan Benedict - blog-8 state management

1.How does state management relate to your life

It relates to my life because of the behavior. It also relates to me by the performance in training. Because my behavior at home needs to be good for my black belt training. And my performance in training needs to be amazing or I will not pass.

2.how do you use it every day.

The performance I put in every days training. Also the behavior I give to my friends and family. I use my behavior every day because you cant have 1 feeling forever.

3.how does state management relate to the work out you did today.

I think the way I preformed today was excellent. I also think I behaved good because I tried not to be a smart mouth. I did preform well. my behavior today was good during the work out I did the whole thing without stopping or saying I cant do it.

4.how does it relate to my black belt test.

It relates to my black belt test because of the right behavior and mind set . it also relates by the amount of performance in my forms.It also relates to the test because the behavior and the performance. The behavior needs to be very good so I don't just quit

my numbers

sprint 42

box jump 190

squats 140

burpies 110

lawn mowers 140

pushups 130


Posted on April 19, 2014 .