FS-Kaelan Reagan #8 Flexibility!

Tonight our class was lead by BSBN John. What a workout! We went through a few of the forms as a group. We did a lot of stretching and exercises. My regular push ups are  getting better all the time. I'm building muscle and getting my body down lower,with good form. However, the push ups that we had to do with a clap in between were very hard!

We worked on stretching as well. We did team stretching with a partner. I definitely see improvement in my leg stretching. I think I'm going to have a better measurement at the next fitness evaluation. It definitely makes me sore after,but a nice hot shower should help!

Oh,the other thing we did was bridges.I also noticed an improvement on these since the last time we did them. I am able to push myself higher and get my head off the ground. Again,that's upper body strength improving!

Got a little nauseous tonight while working on forms with just the red and poom belts. Had to sit down for a minute and get some water. Felt better afterward when we were stretching.Mom says I just have to be able to push through a little and remind myself of my affirmation. She doesn't want to see me get hurt,but we both know working on my cardio is what's going to make me get through the tough workouts easier.

KJN-sorry you weren't there tonight. I think our team did a good job today!


Posted on April 16, 2014 .