FS - Jessica Leitner - Eleventh Blog

This is my Eleventh Blog in the Eleventh Hour:

The eleventh hour is an expression that means to do something at the last possible minute because you have run out of time. Well that is just about every minute for me this week and last. I hurt my back and it kept me out of class last week and this week I have family in from out of town so I am feeling split. Trying to focus on spending quality time with those I love and keep up with my training and cardio. Some of you know my dad has cancer. It is a rare form - and it is our second round. Two years ago he was diagnosed with a blood cancer that we have steadily managed and seemingly beaten. So last fall when this new diagnosis came if felt like doom. We have had 11 rounds of chemo counting yesterday. With one to go. So forgive my absences again this week. With my sisters arriving and the triduum I will most likely be MIA on the mat.

We are in our eleventh hour.

BSBN Jessica

Posted on April 15, 2014 .