FS- Serena Radona- A Hard Topic

I've been meaning to post about this a while now, but it felt like a really touchy topic. Nonetheless though it is a very important topic, and I would like to talk about this to you and anyone else reading these blogs.

There was very disturbing news about a girl around my age from a certain school a little away from my school.

The news was the fact that she had ended her life.

Rumors went around saying she did it because she was bullied, abused at home, and didn't have much of a social life. She was bullied, but that was about it. And what broke my heart even more is the fact that she was so young. She didn't get a chance to experience everything in life. My friend knew her personally. She told me that her friend was very nice and always seemed to be smiling all the time. They had a good time in elementary school. My friend even went to her funeral. She told me it was kind of scary to see her friend in a coffin looking as if she was asleep and at any moment could wake up and speak. It was a sad time for everyone there. And I specifically remember her saying to me, "It was like I didn't even know her anymore. When I looked at her, it felt like it wasn't her." So to anyone out there that somehow stumbled onto this site and thinking dark thoughts, remember that things will get better if you try to make it better. What may seem like a big deal at the time will fade away and not damage your whole life. If there is an obstacle then find away to get over or around it. This is a weird way to put it but your life is like a never-ending game that you can't put down. Games have puzzles to complete, foes to beat, obstacles to get over, a motivation to keep going, and feelings like joy, anger, sadness, and fear. Don't end the game to early, or you won't get all of the experience or all of the happiness and accomplishments that comes with it.

So stick with the game longer, and soon you will come to like, and love the game.


Posted on April 14, 2014 .