FS - Samantha Logan - Blog #3: Turning off work mode

Many of you may sometimes wonder why the people who work at Aim High are not consistent in their training. This journal is not meant to be an excuse, nor a complaint, but more to offer a bit of insight into our day.

I’'m not sure many students realize the difficulty faced by Aim High'’s employees when it comes to transitioning from work mode to training mode. Often, we spend upwards of 10 hours a day at Aim High, teaching, addressing customer issues, planning events, meeting about students, completing business related task, etc. We do much of this during prime time hours--…the busiest time of the day. Customers demand our attention, students venture into our workspace just to chat, the floor is packed with students, the front is consistently busy, and the phone is constantly ringing. Aim High is a busy place, and working there demands A LOT of energy. In addition, this energy comes from a place of passion…--out of a love for what we do--…expending this kind of energy all day long is extra exhausting.

I'’m not saying that we work harder or longer than anyone else, but trying to turn off work mode and turn on personal development mode when you are still at your workplace is extremely difficult. For example, I was getting ready for black belt class last night, and three different needs came up that needed my attention. By the time I dealt with them, I was 25 minutes late for class, frustrated, and exhausted; it was only through encouragement from BSam that I decided to head to the mat.

Making the transition from work/school to black belt class is much easier when you get to leave work/school, stop by home, eat a snack, etc. You get a chance to refresh your mind and recharge and mentally prepare for training. Aim High'’s employees don’t get that opportunity, as most of us are needed on-site up until black belt class is scheduled.

Again, I’m not trying to complain--…I’'m simply informing everyone of the challenge faced by Aim High'’s employees. I still expect my co-workers to train, as I expect myself to train. We just might need a bit more encouragement to stick around after a long day’s work...…maybe everyone else can help us out with that? :)


Posted on April 10, 2014 .