FS-Kaelan Blog #3

  Hi Everyone!   This week has been very exciting. On Wednesday,I went into the first phase test feeling nervous but excited. It took me some time to relax and remind myself that I knew everything that we were going to be tested on. I just needed to get my stomach to calm down!  I think I did well but I know that I still need to really practice my side kicks and back kicks. I spoke with BSBN Dan after the test and he told me that I did very well,but he wants to see improvement on those kicks. I definitely plan to work on these kicks at home. I want be be able to show KJN and BKJN at phase 2 that I've worked hard and have great kicks then.   After my test, I stayed to watch the black belts in their training. I saw martial arts awesomeness! They were all encouraging each other. They were all working together to make sure each person was doing their best.  At the end of the test, I was proud to be able to bow out with the black belts and give high fives to everyone! KJN was very happy that I stayed and supported the team. I told my mom that I wasn't going to leave because we are all on the same team and I wanted to be able to cheer them on too!!  I got to bed a bit later than usual,but it was totally worth it!   The fitness evaluation today has left me sore right now. I know I got a very good workout. Everyone on the team was encouraging each other. It was kinda challenging for me toward the end. The burpees took a lot of my energy,so it was hard for me to get the through the tabatas. I actually had some fun when we were working on the boxing at the end. My mom took pictures of me sparing with Reilly. He looks so huge!    I will continue to work on my exercises. I know that my performance will improve and on the next evaluation my numbers will be even better!     Hope that my fellow testers had fun and a good workout! I am very excited for Monday!!     - Kaelan :)

Posted on March 8, 2014 .