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KJN told us the other night to recognize and think about our forms as a series of basic moves that are put together in different patterns. His example was front and side kicks and different blocks. He said that the more you practice those basic moves the better the flow will be. Before you know it, you achieve mastery.

I have been thinking about this in terms of life. Life really is a series of basic moves put together in different patterns. Work/school, relationships, family and your health (eating well and exercise for example). Todays form for most of you started with exercise (the fitness eval) and then food, and I am sure you are all either spending time at home with family or friends, finishing up your work day and looking forward to the same. We practice these combos every day. So when do we know we have achieved mastery?

Not sure why this is on my mind other than reading Brandy's blog and re-reading GSam's blog has me once again trying to figure out balance. It is hard not to feel caught up in the frantic frenzy of go go go.....haven't seen John since 6:30 this morning and won't see him until 6:30 tonight and usually Saturday is our day together. But the separate activities we are doing today are equally important as those we would have done otherwise.

I'm practicing forms. Both kinds. But thinking about them with deeper meaning this week.

BSBN Jessica

Posted on March 8, 2014 .