FS-Riley Etheridge- #2

    Did the Ethos Phase 1 test yesterday, It was alright, fun being able to experience the Annex for the first time. I've had about two weeks of inactivity outside of Aim High due to high stress of school work, as previously stated in my last entry, yet, even worse on the Monday before the Phase test I tweaked my back due to static stretching. In which I will stop doing now, for in my personal opinion I don't believe in static stretching. I finally made it back to the gym tonight, and felt the decrease in my strength as I tried my high pulls again and I've gone down about 20 pounds on them. I'm planning to go back at it, and try to get two a day workouts at the gym in the next week or so. Going to try and really push myself so I feel better challenged and accomplished on the next Phase test.


Posted on March 6, 2014 .