FS-Zoe Ahrendt- Stair Climb

Journal #8

The Stair Climb was amazing! There were so many people there! Way more than I expected! Even though the climb was short, it was definitely a challenge because not only were you gaining altitude, but gravity was working against you...

So after you registered they escorted you and a group of people up a back entrance that then leads to 109 floors of stairs. The group of people me and my dad were paired with were super energized and had different colored tutus on and superman shirts. They had so much positive energy that it fed into my dad's performance and mine as well! Once they started to file us on the stair case we began the climb. After completing a flight of stairs there would be a sign that told you what floor level you were on. I felt great on the first 20 floors and then it hit me hard at floor 65... and I mean hard. However I DID NOT STOP ONCE and because of that I met one of my black belt goals!

I completed the race in 15 minutes placing me in 216th place which is awesome!! And my dad completed the race with a total of 7 minutes placing him in 40th place which is not even human!! :-0 Either way I'm proud of my dad and myself. I was proud of entering in my first ever stair climb and proud that I didn't stop once. Overall this race was devoting itself to a great cause for the American Lung Association and I hope that it gains enough money to better both the researchers and anyone battling a Lung disease!


Posted on March 3, 2014 .