FS Chelsea Weigelt -Blog 4

Tonight's class was time to review which was much needed since I did not get the reps in that I wanted to this weekend. It was good to be out on the mat and sweat out the last of the being sick. At the same time it has made me even more anxious about Wednesday. I feel like March has come so fast! I will be doing forms on my break, at lunch, and any extra second that I have in the next two days. And a big thank you to Sbn Erik who helped me detail out Chumo 4! It has been an interesting group dynamic so far. I have been going to some of the Mon/wed and also some tues/thurs classes. The energy in the two groups is very different and I am looking forward to seeing how we all start to come together as a group. I hope that starts to happen this week since we will all be together on Wednesday and again for the fitness evaluation on Saturday. Best of luck with prep everyone and I will be there tomorrow if anyone wants to practice before or after class!

Posted on March 3, 2014 .