FS-Brandon Machan-ETHOS

Our first Ethos conditioning as in my opinion, went really well. I never had to take a breath at the mile around AH, which is good, because that means I have improved. Along those lines, I thought conditioning was really fun. I had no problem with all the punching reps and the exercises. The only problem for me was the Mountain Climbers, which for some reason, upset my stomach. I also need to work on better technique with the Dead Man's Burpees. Besides that I think we all did a great job keeping up with the rest of the team. Good job Ethos!

After I attended a sparring seminar with Martin Amba . I learned a

lot of Blitz' and Counter techniques from him. The drills were really fun to do and I especially liked the Cali Blitz. I had a great time during the seminar, except for the last hour. I was pretty exhausted by then, from the conditioning and the previous 2 hours of the seminar, but to make matters worse, my hip started bothering me again. I mean a lot. It kept popping at every movement and it burned at certain points in my side. I tried to hold out till the seminar was over, but by the end of the Leg Exercises, it hurt too much. I had to sit out and rest the last 30 minutes of the class while everyone else sparred each other. I couldn't really do much while sitting out. Just drink the Electrolyte Water that T-Berg loves so much(He said sarcastically) and stretch a bit. I felt bad that I wasn't able to attend the whole thing, but I was happy to be able to go there in the first place. Now I have to stretch my hip a lot more to help it not hurt anymore. I hope that next time someone hosts a similar seminar, more people come and I don't get any pains.

This blog might go up a little late because we have to figure out

the system a little better. We still haven't figured it out and are kind of sketchy on it. It seems a little complicated by I think we'll get by ok. Good job with working out and keep up the work! I hope this year goes really well for the team.

A little bit after the seminar, we cut into the Tournament Class and

headed to Sweet Tomato's to eat and chat with T-Berg's and Jae's family. Martin Amba also came with us and we all ate together. It was nice to be able to have lunch after a tiring 6 or so hours at the studio. After we all departed and headed home. A nice Lunch and some friends to chat with makes everything a little better :D.

Good Job Ethos! Brandon Machan

Posted on March 3, 2014 .