FS- Riley Etheridge-#4

     I have realized that I only have about a year or so, less than that, to be able to complete and accomplish anything that I want to. It is trial and error for me, things that I must prioritize and things that I myself can't control. One of my major goals, like all the other testers with me, is to go beyond our own expectations of ourselves and really earn the next degree, where there is no doubt in mind that we are not worthy of being able to stand alongside our teammates. With that said, I personally, really want to put stress on my physical condition. I hurt myself again on sunday going to the gym, I was frustrated that I couldn't do a rep of wide grip snatches, in that frustration I lost myself for a bit and ended up tweaking my back, again. Making me realize even more, that I have not fully prioritized my time properly. I am always told that I need to take breaks, to stop studying and do something fun. I do agree with these statements, although I would do things on those breaks that would send me into a spiral downwards of decreasing my self improvement. Which when I do return to the gym or class, I am not in my top shape. So, I plan on trying to implement different ways to relax and rest that do not hinder myself in the areas in which I am trying to improve.      More or less, its still in its trial and error process, yet with knowing I have less than a year to find myself in a comfortable spot. So that when I graduate, and I go off to find myself a full time career/job, my personal life/position will be stable and I will be able to improve it without drawbacks.

~Riley Etheridge

Posted on March 26, 2014 .