FS-Kaelan Reagan Blog #5 Spring break!

Hello everyone!  I am excited that this week is Spring Break,even though we aren't going anywhere. I get to sleep late! No school,no homework! I have time to myself,which is nice because during the school week,my days are always rush,rush ,rush!   Saturday during our fitness training was the fifth time I've worn my contacts. While it takes me time to get them in (and I need Mom's help a bit) I see so much better than with my glasses! Mom said it's my peripheral vision that lets me see more on the sides than with my glasses. It actually helped me a lot when I was sparring with them too!   Working on my jogging at home. I use the Nike fitness pedometer on my iPod. I jog round a big block by my house. It has a bit of an incline,which is a bigger workout. Got new sneakers at the Adidas store Saturday,too!   Hope everyone is enjoying their Spring Break!         -Kaelan

Posted on March 25, 2014 .