FS-Brandon Machan- Special Training with the Leitners

Blog #5

This last Saturday we did the special training with the Leitners'

and Shane leading us, with the group goal of good synchronization.

We warmed up with a nice Mile lap around Aim High, but it was a

little different this time. This time we did Indiana Sprints(Correct me if I'm wrong), which required some synchronization, but it kept us all at the same pace through the run. We actually ran FASTER as a team. We totaled a 10 minute/mile, which is better than what I would run by myself.

When we got back from the run, we got our chest pads on and did some

drills with Shane. He walked us through some exercises involving kicking that really got my blood pumping fast. It was pretty hard, as we had to do kicks and then run back and forth through the pad holders. I really liked the drills, but I would've liked to breathe a little better through them.

Last but not least, we did some synchronized forms using a metronome

to time us. We went through all the forms that we could, up to Palgwae 7 and at some points it got pretty confusing, because some moves required more than one beat, and that made us mess up.

I'm really glad we had that training. It was challenging but fun at

the same time.

-Brandon Machan
Posted on March 25, 2014 .