FS-Brandon Machan- Phase 1 Test

Blog #2

Hey Team. A couple of weeks ago we had a Phase Test. The First out

of 4, and it went really well. We started off really well and carried out through the entire Phase Test. I'll explain why all of my Blogs are so late in a separate blog

So, during the Phase Test, we started out with just waiting. We

stood and breathed and waited for the judges to get ready, and once they were done, they started. We did most of the things we expected, but this year we didn't have the Written Test at the beginning. We also didn't do all of the forms, like I thought we would. I thought everyone did an amazing job during the Phase Test, in technique and in energy. We all cheered for each other and kept each other going throughout the entire thing, and it was a really good start for the team this year. I hope everyone who was at the Phase Test is going to fully commit to this year's test.

Great job, Ethos. It was really awesome to do this with all of you

guys. This year is off to an great start

-Brandon Machan

Posted on March 25, 2014 .