FS-Brandon Machan-Fitness Evaluation

Blog #3

A few Saturdays ago we had the first Fitness Evaluation to set all

of our goals as a team for the year. In my opinion, it was great. We all had awesome numbers for the first evaluation, and I hope to see everyone progress forward throughout the test. So during the fitness Evaluation, we all did a lot of numbers. I was really impressed with the whole team. We all had pretty big numbers compared to last year (For those who tested last year). We're really improving as a team and as members of this test. We started out with pushups, then sit-ups. The pushups and sit-ups were really good. We did full range and motion, and I will admit that I was hurting afterwards. I wish I did more though. I think everyone did a great job. After all the pushups and sit-ups, we did the Squats and Burpies next. I didn't do well on my Burpies, because my hips started hurting from the sit-ups. As some of you know, I have some hip and knee problems. The rest of the Evaluation was nice, and we went through them with good energy and a nice attitude.

-Brandon Machan

Posted on March 25, 2014 .