FS-Kaelan Reagan - Ethos blog #2

    Hello everyone! This is my second blog. I still can't believe that I am still with  this amazing group for the year. I don't know about any one else in the group, but I am so nervous for this Wednesday! But, I know that I can do it. Just yesterday, CGN Darius, Ryan and me practiced what's on the first phase test and I think that we did well. I really need to work on my side and back kicks because, my legs keep falling straight down instead of recoiling and then coming down. If anyone has any solutions to this please email my mother! I need to fix them before the test comes!        My moms give me every Sunday for myself for fun and relaxation, but today I have many things to do today! I have this blog and a social studies project to do! I need to learn how to be able to balance school work with training, or I will always be rushing! I hope that all of my fellow testers are doing alright and are ready for Wednesday! Never give up!!       - Kaelan

Posted on March 2, 2014 .