Chelsea Weigelt- FS blog 2

Technically this was a hand written entry that should have come before my last one. 2/11/14 So far I have been struggling to get back into healthy eating habits, so here it is, my first journal entry for this test. After getting out of routine with the 'big' snowstorm I find myself starting again. Healthy food is prepped for the week and back at the studio with 2 classes tonight. I am starting to enjoy the new kickboxing style that we have been working on, small pieces are starting to click and that gives me hope. We also broke boards tonight. I did mine with a hammer fist and it took 3 tries but I did end up doing it. Next up... Speed break! Man those look tough! So there we have it, another goal. As far as the eating goes there is room for improvement but overall I am making progress.

Posted on March 2, 2014 .