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Living on the Edge

What an absolutely over scheduled bizarre week last week. So glad its Monday and we are heading into Spring Break next week. I am sure all the kids are looking forward to it too. I have promised KJN that I will write about the Aloha Project and I thought I would take a minute to do that. This week the foundation was poured on the first house. Edwards Center is building a new neighborhood in Aloha that will serve families who have an adult child with special needs. This is pretty special because right now those families live out in the community without much support. When you are young, and your parents need to run an errand, they take you with them or maybe they ask a neighbor to keep an eye on you. When your kid has severe sensory issues, or is medically fragile, you can't just jump in the car and run to Fred's because you ran out of milk. And there is not a neighbor who can just pop over and check on your child if they have a feeding tube, or need to be positioned in a wheelchair. My kids are healthy so I feel blessed. And I cannot imagine how it must feel to be a mom or a dad in this situation. That is why I have dedicated my life to helping these families.

Our new homes are the first of their kind. With our center next door we hope that we can help shoulder some of the burden on these families through support and respite. And do it in a way that is fun for the person with special needs. We have dances, Wii parties, activities and classes going on all the time at the center. Even Martial Arts! We are very proud of this new project and that work that we are doing. If it is successful I hope other people around the nation will copy it. Here is a link to a story they wrote about us in the paper. Enjoy!


BSBN Jessica

Posted on March 17, 2014 .