FS-T-Berg-Ethos training rocks!

I completed the Phase 1 test and thought we all did a great job. I also went and supported the Poom Belt because I was a poom belt last year and I know it can be a stressful moment taking a class focusing on the stuff we should already know. I was a support team along with Brandon, Jae Jae, Serena and Andrea. I am very happy that Kaelan stayed to watch us with our Phase 1 testing. I was nervous because I know our teachers look for the very important details and help us work on our forms or stances. The Fitness Evaluation was great! We helped each other out and I talked to my group about what they needed to work on and how we can help each other out. I was sore the day after. Great job Ryan for doing planks for 4 minutes. Today, A very important teacher came by Aim High to help BKJN with new techniques and I did learn a lot from this class. It is always great to meet somebody new from a different school to get to know their learning knowledge background about Martial arts. Thank you Mr. Gary for stopping by AH. Keep training hard team and focus on staying active on your workouts, filling in our binders and train hard and have fun.

t-berg out.

Taylor Berg lund

Posted on March 11, 2014 .