FS-Riley Etheridge-#3

                    I have experienced for the first time a sensation I haven't felt before. During the Phase 1 test I felt it during our stick performance, yet at that time it was more understandable since your opponent is hitting your sticks with an intense force and it will make your grip weaken. Yet I had never felt my grip weaken in the gym until tonight, it might be due, to my two week inactivity at the gym, or a number of other factors. Usually I can feel my grip slipping during a heavy lift, but always I'm able to keep my composure. Today, however, I did not. I had to set one of the dumbbells down and then later retrieve it to put it back in its place. This small sensation and also the heavy breathing I experienced during the Phase 1 test, has given me more motivation to intensify my training even more. I will continue to progress slowly on my goal of two a day workouts and then hopefully three a day. So that during the next Phase test as well as anything physical act I will do in my life, I will be ready, and I can go as far as my mind takes me.

       ~Riley Etheridge

Posted on March 10, 2014 .