FS- Serena Radona- Some Brief Good News

So, how are you doing? Good? Bad? Great I didn't hear a word you just said. What is the good news you ask? Well, I'll tell you. The whole school took a survey about our special talents, afterschool activities, and recent achievements (or something like that) and I put down that I recently earned my black belt and that I take martial arts. The yearbook thought for a _ grader this was really impressive and the wanted to interview me. They tracked me down and found me in math and interviewed me. (YES! I'M GONNA BE FAMOUS!) The funny thing was during the interview, I kept stammering and I felt myself shaking whenever I open my mouth to speak. Ha. And now I think I'm guaranteed to have a spot in the yearbook because they asked for pictures of me doing things like kicks and me in my black belt. So for yay! The only back side to this is when the interview was. The timing wasn't exactly perfect. It was towards the end off the day and we were taking a graded math test. And I'm not exactly the star-student in math class, because Math and I only belong together in a parallel universe. After the interview I had to rush my test since I only had around 10 or 5 more minutes, and I got a two on that said test. Luckily I could retake it and I haven't gotten my score back yet but I feel pretty confident about it. I've only gotten two blog posts on here but there are a lot more to come! P.S. Do you guys like Math? Because I swear, everytime I even look at stuff like algebra, my mind just jumps into a vat of boiling oil and comes out fried. ~Serena ( ^ * ^ )

Posted on February 28, 2014 .