FS - Riley Etheridge - #1

      Like many others who are preparing for these upcoming tests, balance is a real challenge. I have found myself almost gone about a week or two without my regular training, that I do outside of Aim High. Something that I used to do with a lot of energy and drive, has almost all disappeared from my current state. Mostly all of this is due to my poor prioritizing throughout the hours of the day. I'm in my last spring semester at school, with only two months to go until I need to present my almost finished thesis. The amount of work, never stops piling on itself, my sleeping schedule is feeling the full force of this problem. I have gone to Aim High multiple times to train while not in my best condition, sometimes two or three days without sleep. Something I am trying to fix and work towards to get better to come to Aim High with a healthy amount of rest. I wish to overcome this before my presentation of my thesis, so that I feel accomplished having overcame this obstacle during high stress periods rather than afterwards.


Posted on February 28, 2014 .