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Zen Stairs

I am reading this amazing book called Zen 24/7. The idea is that you can achieve Zen through each and every day in your ordinary tasks like brushing your teeth, drinking your coffee, and yes during your workout. Today's page was about climbing stairs and it is worth sharing with each of you. It says:

" Ascending a long staircase brings to mind a zen saying, Gojuppo hyappo: Fifty steps, one hundred steps. Whenever we endeavor to learn something new in life, be it zen, a job, a sport, or a musical instrument, we should expect the process to take time and effort. Gojuppo hyappo means if we've taken fifty steps up the staircase, see the effort through. Don't go halfway and stop. Take fifty more. In so many ways we quit at fifty steps. We take on a new hobby with a burst of enthusiasm only to tire of it and move on to something else. We start a new diet, a new exercise program, a new relationship, and the moment things get hard we ditch it. The truth of zen is the staircase goes up step by step forever. There is never a top to reach for as long as we live. But we continue up the steps because the path is right, and the process of climbing is all that matters. People get discouraged when they start looking too far ahead: I can't make the climb it's too high, so I'm not going to start. Or they commit today to taking a hundred steps every day and become disillusioned when a week later they haven't been able to keep up: I can't stick to it it's too big a commitment. We needn't look any further ahead than today or commit to any more than taking one step. When we've taken one, we can commit to taking another. Pretty soon we've reached fifty. Pretty soon we've reached a hundred. Pretty soon we've reached zen."

Let it be so with this test.

BSBN Jessica

Posted on February 27, 2014 .