FS-Taylor Williams-My Teaching Experience

Journal #6

Today I had the amazing experience of teaching 3 awesome warrior classes at Aim High (with help from Teacher Erik and CGN Randal). During one of those classes I was faced with a challenge that I am rather proud of how I dealt with.

I had taken a group of students to the water fountain for a drink in the middle of class. Most of them had finished and I had them form a line to get ready to head back to the floor when I heard shouting from the back of the line. Two students had gotten into an argument over cutting in line, one of them was red with anger, yelling at the other who was ignoring him with attitude.

To be honest, I was very nervous when I approached them. Nervous that I would say the wrong thing, nervous that I wouldn't solve the problem, that someone else would have step in. Once I started talking, I began to feel more confident. I talked to them about how the order in line didn't really matter, that there wasn't really a reason to get angry. I was able to calm the angry boy down and got him to look into my eyes while we were talking. Then, I got the other student to apologize and get over their attitude.

I was so appreciative that the rest of the students had the focus and self-control to get their water and stand in line for the time it took me to talk to the arguers. It was a great experience for me as an instructor as well as a person, for learning to deal with people. It felt really good to feel like I could manage a situation when I had to, it gave me a lot of self-confidence.

-Taylor Williams

Posted on February 26, 2014 .