FS-T-Berg's 2nd Entry-Staying Focus.

Hello everyone,

this is my 2nd blog. this evening I finally was ready to take the TKD belt testing. Lets just say, I am no longer a solid red stripe anymore. It have been a year that I have not tested. I was doing so much last year focusing on black belt training and doing taekwondo at the same time. Well this year I am doing the same thing but I also learn to focus more and learn time management. I have a set schedule at home that I created to help me focus more this year. I am trying my best to be more dedicated and helping out my team. I do get tired every now and then but I know my body enough to tell me to slow down. I am very excited I actully took the first step in testing this evening. As an add on bonus Teacher John let me join black belt class so I didn't mess a thing for Phase 1 testing next week. So my thought for today was it is important to focus on your goal and don't give up even when you think you are scared you may not do so well. t-berg out.

Posted on February 26, 2014 .