FS - Samantha Logan - Blog#1: Take a Deep Breath

I've read some blogs below about finding balance, and honestly, I have to admit that I too am struggling to find the balance between work/training/personal time/etc.

I have been thinking back on my 1st Degree test with the Power Within team in 2009, and all of the time and energy that I put into that test...life was so different then. I was quite a few years younger, and somehow I was able to push myself to train for 10-15 hours per week, on top of working 50+ hours. I can't do that anymore...

With my 2nd Degree test during Dare to Dream in 2011, it took me many months to really find balance, and I find myself back in that same boat. However, I think I learned some things during Dare to Dream that will benefit me during the Ethos test...hopefully these tips will help some of you.

  1. It's okay to take breaks, as long as they are short. If you need to take a day off from training because you don't feel well, you're tired, or you just want to spend some time with someone you haven't seen in a while, just do it. However, be sure that one day off doesn't turn into 4 or 5 in a row.

  2. Don't overdo it...you MUST have your rest days. If you don't rest your body, it will wear down and you will get sick, or worse, injure yourself. About one month out from the Dare to Dream final test, I went to class when I felt exhausted, and it resulted in a nasty avulsion fracture in my right ankle. Take it from me...pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion will not help you in any way.

  3. Take a deep breath! When you are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, nervous, etc., take a deep breath and refocus. It's OKAY to have those feelings...they happen to everyone. It's also okay to cry...this journey will be mentally and emotionally taxing...breathe, and let your body relieve stress as it sees fit.

Hopefully, these tips will be helpful to some of you. :)


P.S. Please read your blogs to check for typos/clarity before you hit the "send" button, and use spell check...the public is reading these posts!

Posted on February 26, 2014 .