FS-Taylor Berglund-Ethos Training/sparring seminar

I just got done with tricking class this evening. Now me and Jae Jae are working on our homework. This weekend Jae and I went to a sparring seminar with Martin and Joji Amba. Martin was an awesome teacher!! This was very beneficial for me especially because I will be in the black belt division this year for tournaments. This also gave a eye opening experience to those who don't do sport karate or want to learn about sparring but need some guidance. this shows just a small percent of what we train for in sport karate . This sparring class also shows us that in order to be a part of a team you have to be dedicated and work hard and come to class as a team. That way we can train together helping each other. Thank you to the Amba's for coming to train with us. I hope they can come agin to work out. T-Berg out!!!!

Posted on February 24, 2014 .