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Potluck in the Park

We wanted to make a joint entry tonight because today we had an awesome experience. We signed up for Potluck in the Park. http://www.potluckinthepark.org/ This organization feeds the homeless every Sunday in O-Bryant Square Park. Edwards Center arranged this volunteer opportunity through their health and wellness program and we thought it would be great to do it together. Wow were we humbled. Over 700 meals were served today all by volunteers and all the food donated.

First we packaged food for dogs and cats. Many of our homeless have pets and they need to eat too. As dog lovers this was a special task for us.

After washing out hands we wrapped forks in napkins and stacked plates. Some people were picked to serve food and some were picked to help the disabled through the line. We were selected to greet and give out utensils and plates.

We made a special effort to look each and every person in the eye, smile and tell them we were happy to see them. We could not believe all the special and unique people we met. There were many veterans which really hit home for John and many moms with kids that really hit home with Jessica.

We left there so grateful that we had a warm home to drive back to and food to eat without worry of where our next meal would come from.

If any of you are interested in volunteering for this very worthy cause you can sign up through Hands On Portland. It only take a few hours of your time. And yet you will get so much in return.

BSBN's John & Jessica

Posted on February 23, 2014 .