FS- Chelsea Weigelt- Blog 1

Hey everyone I am enjoying reading the blogs so far! I definitely second Jessica on the balence thing. For me I am really wanting to focus on that this test, after Forged I was very drained physically and mentally, it was a struggle for me to get back in routine of training and I in a sense fell off the 'healthy' bandwagon, in both exercise and eating. This is something I am determined to avoid this time around. That being said I feel like because of how far out of routine I was it is going to take some extra work to get back into shape. I have been really pushing it with my workouts and have been at the studio a lot lately, between kickboxing, jits, running and blackbelt classes I have been doing 2, sometimes 3 workouts a day. So..... I'm not sure that would be considered successfully being balanced, but as this journey continues and I get back to where I need to be physically maybe I can figure out a way to adjust to a more balenced schedule. Suggestions are always appreciated! Happy training!

Posted on February 21, 2014 .