FS-Zoe Ahrendt-THE BINDER...

Journal #5

Today I had a chance to layout my black-belt binder and figure out a

plan on how to accomplish all the requirements. I don't have my license yet so my parents are my form of transportation and so I decided to sit down with them, explain my requirements and black-belt events so that we were all prepared, organized, and on the same page. I know for a fact that "the binder" will be a very difficult part of the test mainly because it's more mentally challenging than anything else. Also I wanted to do some of the first degree requirements like doing a profile and doing the empathy challenge for 24 hours! The reason why I want to do this is so that I can better understand what some of the 1st degree requirements are so that I can better mentor my 1st degree! :-) Yay! Anyways this is just a quick thought on my binder requirements and like I said before "the binder" will most certainly be a challenge!!


February 16, 2014

Posted on February 19, 2014 .