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Journal #6

        Yesterday I got the amazing chance to listen to a holocaust

survivor. For those of you who don't know, the holocaust was the persecution and murder of about six million Jews in Europe by the Nazi regime. In this day and age there are very few survivors that are alive and even fewer who are willing to talk about it. The wonderful speaker that I was privileged to hear was Mr. Alter Wiener and he currently has a famous book out called "From a Name to a Number" which basically talks about his life prior, during and after the holocaust. His story was heart breaking, breath taking, inspirational, motivational, and even in some moments eye opening. It blew my mind after hearing his life how he can even continue living with horrific flash backs and not being able to see his loved ones anymore.

        There were three things lessons that I walked away with from

Mr. Wiener...

    1. Have Hope and a Positive Attitude

a. Mr. Wiener said that with these two things almost anyone can impact the world or another person and accomplish so much in life.

b. He also said that this may have been one reason why he was able to survive three or so years of concentration camp...

    1. Be Thankful

a. It's a simple task, but after hearing his story I definitely do appreciate food, clothing and other simple things that are a necessity to our lives and Mr. Wiener had none of these things in the concentration camp.

    1. Love and Don't hate

a. Mr. Wiener told us that he doesn't hate the Germans for what they did and he realized this when a Nazi woman saved his life by giving him food for about a month, even though she was risking her life for it!

b. He says that hate can cause so much unneeded pain and regret. .. Mr. Wieners last words from his presentation was "Learn to love and forget to hate."

I just had to write a quick journal about this! It was such amazing experiences to listen to him speak and tell his stories! It was also a great reminder on how many things I get to appreciate in my life....


Posted on February 19, 2014 .