FS-Zoe Ahrendt-First Blog!!

Journal #1

I'm so excited for the Ethos black belt test! I have my binder all

pretty and ready for the next couple of months! I think the thing that I'm really looking forward to is any black belt team camping trips! I love love love the places we go to! So beautiful and really memorable :-) The thing I'm really preparing myself for is conditioning day. Even though that day is a long way out, I'm still pumping myself up for it mainly because for my last black belt test it was one of the toughest challenges!

Taylor W. and I are coming up with one of our major acts together. We

want to do something anti bullying related mainly because we both know someone or have gone through being bullied ourselves! It's still something that we're planning, but hopefully we can take our plan into action and make a difference in lives of children and teenagers.

Yay first journal! There are still many more to come!


Jan. 28, 2014

Posted on February 19, 2014 .