FS-Taylor Williams-Start to Ethos Testing

Journal #1

Everything is starting to feel real- like I'm actually testing again. After two years of semi-regular training, it's taken me some time to get back into testing gear. This year, even more than my previous two testing years, I am struggling to find time in the day for everything that demands my attention. Tonight's (February 3rd) advanced degree meeting definitely helped me generate some ideas for my projects, challenges, goals, and testing overall. From what I've seen so far and what I know from previous experience, is that this year's testing team is going to be great! What I want most out of Ethos is to push myself out of comfort zone completely, and to grow into the best martial artist, best student, and best person I can be. This is my last black belt test, at least for a while, because by the time I am eligible to test again for my next rank I will be in college. This is why I want to make this the best test yet, both for myself and for my team.


Posted on February 19, 2014 .