FS-Taylor Williams-Cabin Fever

Journal #2

After 4 days of stormy weather, cabin fever is beginning to set in. Our first special training of the year had to be cancelled for snow and icy conditions but that didn't stop us! I was very impressed by everyone's cardio workouts Saturday. Keep up the great work team! I am proud of our collective dedication. For my workout, I stuck to the 7:00am timeline by starting out with miles on the elliptical. Then I went 3x through a cycle of various exercises for different muscles and finished with another 2 mile on the elliptical. Later that day, I worked out again pulling my sister in a sled up and down a hill in our neighborhood. Anyway, the break from school gave me the time I needed to work on both my numbers and my plan for the rest of the test. I made a goal of having by written plan ready to be approved by that Wednesday by KJN Jeremy which worked out great.


Posted on February 19, 2014 .