FS-Kaelan Reagan-Ethos Blog #1

Hi everyone! Thi is my first blog entry. I will get more comfortable with writing as I practice!   Before the test officially started,I was very nervous. I sat down with my Moms and we looked over all of the pages Mom  printed for my binder. We had a good,long talk about whether or not I felt I was ready to take this journey seriously. They told me if I didn't think I was ready to give it all I had, that they would understand and support me,but I was going to have to talk to  Kjn Jeremy by myself if I wanted to not be a part of the Ethos Test. They told me to think about it for a day or two before I signed the commitment letter. The very next morning,I knew that I was ready to take on this challenge. I signed the commitment with my Mom and Patty. We are going to go through this next 9 months as a family!   Our first official Saturday morning workout was cancelled,so I worked out at home. It was really tiring,but fun at the same time. Patty worked out with me using resistance bands. Mom helped me with sticks and cheered me on as I was on the treadmill. I know Saurday morning workouts will be early in the morning and very challenging,but I will never give up. Mom said I  need to make  sure I go to bed early on Friday night to make sure my body is rested and ready to go. I need to make sure I never have a bad attitude,no matter what!    I am very excited for all of the things I am going to do this year! I know that not only is my family supporting me,but also my friends and the whole Ethos team. Oh,and affirmation is :  Dream.Focus.Achieve. Nothing is impossible!      Good luck to everyone! Kaelan

Posted on February 19, 2014 .