FK-Yesmin Chua- Ethos week 17

Good day to you all!! This week I want to talk about my weekend: On Saturday, I went to my first Daedo Scrimmage.

           It. Was. AMAZING.

I really enjoyed my time there. It was held at Master Marty May's TKD school and the hosts were Master Marty May and Master Ashley. It was my first time going to a Daedo scrimmage, and I was nervous since Coach Donna could not make it. I saw a lot of my other TKD friends there who I got to spar with. Andy and Taylor were there too. Seeing them and Master Scott Browning there made me relax. But I have to admit: I was extremely nervous ( and scared!!) to use the Daedo for the first time. My friend, Jasmine told me it would be great. And guess what?? It really is!! I really enjoyed- in fact, I liked it even more than just using the regular hogu!! Over and out, Yesmin

Posted on December 7, 2014 .