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Hello there!! I'm putting both blog pages combined again, because I procrastinated- AGAIN!! The week after last week there was no tournament, but it was Halloween week!! During Halloween week, we could wear our costume to our TKD class. I decided to wear my Superman t-shirt. Master Null was a doctor, so we had to call him Doctor Null! :D Since there was Halloween on Friday, there was no Friday class. Last week, we had a tournament- and boy!! There was a lot of people from Aim Hight there.- A lot of people from Aim High participated- even Master Null!! (>u<) In the end, Aim High got to bring home this big trophy which I want to congratulate everybody for. I participated in forms, which I got first place, and I also did sparring, which I got last place for. It was an amazing day and we got to see our other TKD friends, like Master Scott Browning with his students, Coach Lee and the whole Yisport team, and Master Karl and his students. It was a lovely day. -Yesmin Chua

Posted on December 7, 2014 .