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Ethos Blog Page Week 13 and 14- COMBINED!! (0^0)/ :p

Wow!! This two past weeks there was a back to back tournament. The first tournament I went to was one of the biggest tournaments I have ever been too, because at this tournament there were eight different floor mats. Since this tournament was held in Lacey, WA, we had to wake up at about 4:00am (@~@)- and boy! Was it a long car trip!! We went in my mom's car; in the front was Coach Donna (driver) and my mom. Then in the middle was Miss Denver and Andy's mom, and then at the very back: Andy, Paige, and me. Miss Alison and her dad were going to this tournament too, but they drove separately. When we got there, we saw quite of a few people we know: We saw Master Browning and Jackson, the whole Yi Sport team (Coach Lee's team), and Coach Joe and his daughter Ellie. I also met another master whose name is Coach Nick. It was a great time there- Andy got bronze and I got silver, but Miss Alison and Paige were the talk of the tournament. Literally. So, during the tournament, Paige and Miss Alison were both in the same division. Miss Alison won I think 2 rounds, so she would be sparring for first place. the people who were going to battle Miss Alison for first place were Paige and Haley (From Yi Sport). In the end Paige won and so Miss Alison and Paige had to spar each other for gold (>w<)!!!! It was nerve-wrecking. My heart was pounding, sweat was dripping off everyone's faces, and the audience were on their feet. In the end it was a tie and they had to do a DEATH MATCH..... And the first person to get that one little point was..... Miss Alison!! So in the end Miss Alison got gold and Paige got silver. We were all very excited for both and them. Overall, it was an incredible day to remember. Now, the only thing that was icky was the drive back (^~^'). On the second tournament, there were many people from Aim High- there was Gracie, Lindsey, Julie, their parents, Mr. Doug (blue belt Mr. Doug), Andy, Miss Denver and Elektra, Miss Alison and even Master Null and Master E (Miss Ember)!! Also, at this tournament I met Master Karl and his son Mavrick. Mr. Doug, Miss Denver, Miss Alison, Andy, Gracie, Lindsey and Julie and I all participated and we all won a medal, (which I would like to congratulate then for) while Master Null and Master E helped judged the poomsae. After everybody sparred In my division I got third out of four people. I won one match, lost one, and tied for the last. I got 3rd place, which isn't super bad. Yeah I was a little sad, but I wasn't like crying or frustrated. I also wasn't mad, because I know in life you will lose many times, but what's important is that when you "fall", you get back up.

                                Yesmin Chua
Posted on November 2, 2014 .