FS #17 Chelsea Weigelt

Indonesia- When I arrived in Indonesia I was greeted by 2 of the staff. It was midnight their time so we went straight to the hotel the first night. It was interesting experiencing the driving over there in the dark for the first time, actually it was just interesting anytime of day. I was impressed with how considerate people were and I never heard anyone honk out of anger, only as a form of communication. I was fascinated by the organized chaos and how well it worked. The first night in the hotel was great, similar to nice hotels here. I had breakfast with a few of the staff the next morning and then got to experience a little bit of adventure checking out ' flying Jesus' and going to the store and spending time at the shelter. The staff and the girls were so friendly and warm and they made me feel welcome right away. I stayed the next two nights in the shelter getting to know everyone. I did Zumba, played wii, and learned a new version of rummy. There was so much joy with people bursting into song and lots of love and laughs. I felt so much peace and happiness while I was there and so many of these people truly touched my heart. Then I did some training with the staff which was a great experience, I fumbled through training with a translator at first and we spent all of the breaks taking photos. Again the spirit of joy and love was something that you only see in family. Each night I tried new foods and spent time with the staff and walked along the water and saw some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. On Friday I did training with the security staff and showed them some basic kicks and punches, worked on takedowns, and lock and blocks. It was so much fun and they finished the day by all singing a song and then we all went to karaoke. That night I spent some more time at the shelter and then went to karaoke again with a different group of staff. Saturday we went to a different island with all of the girls and many of the staff to celebrate their progress in the program. We played games and sang songs and the girls got awards. Then we went snorkeling. I left the next morning. My trip overall was amazing, it is something that I will remember forever. People ask me what my favorite part of my trip was and my immediate answer was the people. I loved their hearts, their joy, and the way that they cared for each other. I truly understand why Mike says 'you will be meeting some of the best people in the world.' He is absolutely correct and I am blessed to have had the opportunity!

Posted on October 9, 2014 .