FS #16 Chelsea Weigelt

This one is coming in multiple blogs because otherwise it may be the longest blog ever and each piece of my trip had a special lesson.

First international travel- My project this year as some of you know was work with Compassion First. I had the opportunity this summer to go to Indonesia. This was my first time ever traveling internationally and I was nervous to do it by myself. To my surprise the most difficult airport to navigate was LAX and there was a bit of confusion with my luggage and they told me it might not make it to Indonesia. I was so worried because I had stuff that I was bringing to the shelter in it and was worried that they would not get what they needed if it was lost. When I arrived in Taipei I enjoyed my layover in the airport, I took pictures and ate my first international meal and had some tea. When I arrived in Bali and got though the visa and customs process I was relieved. My plane got delayed and I thought I missed it but eventually I made it to my last flight and was on my way. It didn't say on my ticket that there was a stop before my destination so I almost got off in the wrong city. There were some helpful people on the plane who made sure I stayed on and I made it safely, but it was a close one :). My luggage arrived and all of the things that I transported arrived safely.

The feeling of completing that trip on my own was very empowering. I tend to be a kind of stubborn, independent person so I didn't worry too much about it ahead of time, but once I got to the airport and was officially on my own, I started to get nervous. I was so frustrated in LA when I couldn't find anyone that would help me find the international gates... I kept wandering hoping that I would eventually get there and I did, but I was nervous about missing my flight, and then telling me that my luggage wasn't checked all the way through like I had been told it was in portland, I just about lost it. I kept having to tell myself that it was just 'stuff' and that it wasn't a big deal. I gained even more clarity on my trip about how unimportant 'stuff' really can be. The other big lesson that I gained on the way was the reminder that snap judgements are almost never correct and that it is okay to trust people that you don't know (probably best with caution). I truly was concerned and very mistrusting of the men that told me to stay on the plane to get to my final destination. It seemed as though everyone else was getting off except for these other two men. I immediately distrusted them, I think I had this general mistrust of the men there going into my trip most likely because of the reason that I was going but that was a terrible attitude to go in with and of course logically I knew that most likely they did not have any bad intentions, but I couldn't help but be fearful. Fear is such and interesting emotion. Our mind will play tricks and let doubt creep in. This makes me think about state management. Change the way you think and you will change the way you feel immediately.

Posted on October 9, 2014 .