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Being Small

So Kwanje was talking last night about the fact that we didn’t get as much grappling in as he would like for this test. And I was thinking about the people I had the chance to work with last night and about previous grappling sessions we have had. You know the trouble with being small is that your holds and reaches need to be efficient. Some of the larger guys can cheat a little and get a choke for example without really having to lift their hips because they have long arms. Being small also means that larger opponents muscle you down. If you are really grappling, you should be using weight not strength. If you are in MMA mode and striking, muscle away. I am super out of practice with jits but even a little bit of rolling last night some of those lessons came right back to me.

But being small is also an advantage. We are quicker and can wiggle out of spots that would trap and shut a large person down. Just ask John Lute! ☺ So as Dr. Seuss would say “A person’s a person no matter how small!”

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Posted on October 8, 2014 .