FS #15 Chelsea Weigelt

I saw Captain America on my run the other morning and he appeared at just the right time in my work out. I was running a route that I hadn't run before and was starting to lose steam at the end when I saw him. He was and older man he was proudly wearing his superhero outfit and I just remember looking at him and thinking... If this guy can do it I can, and I pushed through my last mile. Funny how small things can give you the energy to push through those moments when you feel like giving up. We will need to be Captain America for each other these next few weeks and bring that energy as a team so we can push through whatever is thrown at us. There will be times when we want to quit and to be honest there have been times throughout the last year when I wanted to quit and one of you guys said the right thing at the right time to push me through. So thank you to all of my Captain Americas, I appreciate every one of you on this Ethos team. I wish I were there with you tonight but I have been sick for the last few days. I'm hoping this is just getting it all out of my system before the next few weeks .

Posted on October 8, 2014 .