FS- Brandon Machan - Planting Trees | Blog #15

Last weekend I went to go plant trees at Jackson Bottom to help the

environment. Joining me was Serena, Jae, and we ran into Daniel and Darius came later on. By planting trees, we helped the environment by planting trees that soak up lots of greenhouse gasses. To plant the trees, we took the potted tree and pulled on it until it came out of the pot. Then, we "Massaged" the roots of the tree, which means that we broke up the roots. Then, we would put the tree in the hole and make sure that it wasn't too far in or sticking up too much. After we settled that, we would press it into the ground and make sure it rooted properly, so that it did not wash away in the rain.

Overall, the planting was really fun. It was really cool to see so

many people volunteering to help the environment.

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Posted on October 7, 2014 .