FS-Darius Salagean-Busy Week

I was really busy this week. I was able to attend classes regularly but on Thursday, I didn’t go because I had to stay after school for back to school night! I stayed after to help my sister set up and sell cookies and drinks to raise money for her club. I also helped out by putting chairs in the cafeteria, move chairs from one room to another, and helped the PTO set up for their presentation. Overall I was a really big help to anyone who need it. When I left, I felt a big headache! :( Friday, I can to BSBN Samantha’s extra training session to work on my open form. I was able to get in 2 reps but on the last one, I started to feel bad and I just couldn’t finish my form. Hopefully I will feel better soon.


Posted on October 5, 2014 .