FS- Chelsea Weigelt #13

Time management and general life upkeep.....sometimes I get so busy taking care of other people that I forget to take care of things that I should be doing for myself... I was realizing this as I checked the fluids in my car and realized that I'm actually out of oil..... So I guess this blog is more about being proactive...I've struggled with blogging more this test than during Forged. I don't know why it seems more difficult to make time this year but it has. I am enjoying this weekend as what seems like my first low key weekend with down time since May. I also am looking forward to the upcoming weeks of testing chaos but I am also overwhelmed by it too. This weekend I will be spending lots of time reviewing and prepping for the coming weeks and making sure that I am feeling more prepared. Being proactive is going to be my focus so that come testing I am feeling confident and prepared.

Posted on October 4, 2014 .